Relationship Facilitator


Changing, is becoming who I am


A humanist non directive therapist,in harmony with the principles of Non Violent Communication and Inner Relationship Focusing.

Who listens to me and hears me….without judgment
Who accepts me as I am with my faults, my qualities, my errors, my secrets…
Who proposes effective processes and tools without imposing them on me
Who respects my rhythm of progress without taking charge
Who will share her observations without mincing words
 Who will help me to consciously choose myself, to be free in my relationships, to become the creator of my own life.

MY CREDO : I believe there is an essential goodness in humans and that my primary role, as a therapist, is to help my clients rediscover this natural goodness of the heart.  Each one of us is unique and has something special to offer to the world.  This something is what drives us all and what I call our CREATIVE POTENTIAL. It is by acknowledging this potential, accepting it and actualizing it, that we discover who we really are. It is through meeting our deep sufferings that we free and humanize ourselves and become creators of our own life.  We, then, are in harmony with our soul.


I hurt
I feel a deep unease
I feel odd in the core of my being
I hurt others
I don’t like myself
I have no confidence in myself
I am afraid
I am overwhelmed by certain emotions
I have difficulty knowing what I want, what I don’t want
I have difficulty saying no
I have difficulty saying yes
I am choked by a secret
I want to discover who I really am
• I want to change


Totally confidential
Individual one hour
Or one hour and a half sessions


“ What we are deep down never changes.  However, being aware of what characterizes us, using our strengths and limitations to define ourselves and most of all, allowing ourselves to be “ourselves” is what enables us to change.”
Patrick Lynes, If only I could change !

The game of life Is neither to “have” nor “to do” But simply to be