Therapy with Subtle Energies



I believe in the existence of an energy field surrounding and inter-penetrating every living being.  This energy field is a body made of subtle matter.   It constitutes the invisible framework of our physical body.  Seven major energy centers, (also called chakras) are located within this energy field.   Each of these centers supplies energy which vitalizes the nerve centers, the endocrine glands and the organs that are connected to them.  For example, the Solar Plexus center found in the area of the stomach vitalizes and governs the pancreas, the stomach, the liver, the gall bladder as well as the entire digestive system.  Although the symptoms of dis-eases manifest at the level of the organs and the physical tissues, I believe that a deeper cause can be found within the energetic fields and centers.  My role is to support the internal healing process of a client.  I believe that each of us has a Higher Self – a source of wisdom that knows what is best for us. Some refer to this Higher Self as the Soul.  I believe that deep healing can only occur in accordance with the will of our Soul.  As a healing facilitator, my intent is to assist the work of the client’s Soul.


At the end of a reflexology treatment or a relationship facilitator session, I will often ask the client for permission to check the state of equilibrium of his/her energy centers.  If the client agrees, I do a short meditative process in which I attune to my Soul, the client’s Soul and the Source of spiritual healing.  I stand at a certain distance from the seated or reclining client and yet in touch with his/her energy field.  Without touching the client, yet through a certain sensing with the hands,  I refine my inner perceptions to identify possible alterations in the flow of energy within his/her energetic field.  In a healthy person, the energy field is well balanced and harmonized.  But when a symptom or a group of symptoms (dis-eases) appears, some energetic imbalances can be felt through the hands.  My sole work is then to invoke the aid of the Soul of the client so that the energy flows can be rebalanced in accordance with the will of his/her Soul – and in no way according to my will!