Polarity is an energy healing system based on the premise that Life is Energy and Energy is movement.

The facilitator identifies and locates the stagnations, restraints or obstructions that may be hidden in the body and facilitates a return to balance and harmony. This holistic method addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the person. Using therapeutic communication, the practitioner establishes the areas in which the client feels unwell. Body work is similar to “a whole body system of reflexology”. Polarity exercises are sometimes given to recharge and sustain the free flow of movement of the life energy which animates the body. As food provides the building blocks to healing, nutritional modifications are also proposed.

My Credo

believe in the Intelligence of the body. When the force of life inherent in the body is obstructed, pain manifests itself. This pain is a warning, a messenger, a mode of communication requesting attention.

I believe in the healing power of the vital energy in the body.
As a facilitator, through the power of Being, I listen with and through the hands the Life force that animates the person I am with. Conscious touch of my hands stimulates the client’s inherent healing capacities. I use the laws of resonance, correspondence, similitude of forms through which many reflexes can be found and worked on all over the body. As Leonard J Allan writes in his book Painless pain control “Energy must flow…. Any sore spots are blocks in this energy current at either the Positive, Negative or Neuter poles. One must first locate where the energy block exists and in knowing this, one can release it. When these triune body currents are re-established, the pain will leave at once and normal activity will take place”.

How does it work?

A session is done on a bodywork table with the client fully clothed. The practitioner’s two hands are constantly in contact on the client’s body using, depending of the issue, three types of touch. Stimulating touch increases energy flow. Balancing touch calms and harmonizes, re-establishing equilibrium. Dispersing touch breaks up old energy blocks within the body. The therapist’s hands act as a battery, directing energy through Consciousness.

In a Preventive Role

Polarity can be of benefit to healthy adults, adolescents and children. Because it

Relieves stress and tension
Improves and enhances the life force inherent in and around the body
Regulates the different centers of energy and their functions
Balances and harmonizes the different systems and levels
polarity regulates between stress and relaxation, increases vitality, improves health. A precious help to our well being.

Polarity also contributes to:

The improvement of the quality of life up to and including its end stages
A speedy recovery following a surgery, a fall, an accident, a trauma

Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981), was an American Osteopath, Chiropractor and Naturopath born in Austria. He created Polarity Therapy as a synthesis of western medicine and eastern wisdom traditions. In his sixty years of general medical practice in Chicago, he developed a deep understanding of the subtle principles underlying wellness and disease.

“In this age of over specialization, with emphasis on chemistry, bacteriology, and mechanical and surgical research, we have lost sight of the over-all picture of man as a living being with lines of force working in fields of finer energies.”
– Dr. Randolph Stone