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I am a joyous, playful, insightful being who loves Life and the work she does. I am a constant student who loves to learn and discover new ways of looking, hearing and doing things and if they help me will be developed in my practice. My life has been a long search around a question that arose when I was ten years old:  How to Be?  While I asked myself that question, I had the inner certainty that the day I would achieve it, everything would become incredibly simple and easy, life would flow easily.


Twenty two years in the business world as executive secretary in France and Great Britain led me to the realization that it is not by doing more that I got closer to becoming myself, quite the contrary. It was a long, arduous and adventurous road that led me to an important aspect of my maze:  the notion of responsibility. I understood that I was responsible for everything that happened to me.  That first element allowed me to gain power over my life.

The Discovery of my Inner Life

In  1994, at the age of 43, when I chose to immigrate to Quebec, a new world opened for me. I want to speak of the discovery and the encounter of an inner world that I had never intuited before.  A world I never knew existed.  A world that I would unravel and tame, a universe filled with endless richness.

A Creative Non-directive Approach

Colette Portelance’s school was the door that opened me to my inner world.   During four years I would discover, find words for that universe which until then had been foreign.  A new vocabulary became available.  Words like need, emotion, sensation, which till then were dead words, started to become alive in me, making me more vibrant, more connected.  It was like being born to myself.  Until that discovery and that meeting, my universe only happened outside of me.  I was completely dependant on it.   It was that which made me exist, or not.  I was at its mercy and that could bring about either euphoria or the impression of no longer existing, of being nothing.

Little by little, with the help of the Creative Non-directive Approach (offered by  Montreal’s Counseling Centre (CRAM), I discovered an anchor inside myself and gradually learned to no longer be so dependent on the outside.  I learned to develop a relationship to my inner world and with others. That lead me today to be able to accompany other people on their own  journey.

A way through the body

Parallel to this journey, and while I was getting in touch and making peace with the great sensitivity dwelling within me, I was inspired to express it by using my hands. This lead me in 1999 to Reflexology, in 2011 to Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Approach and Cranio-Sacral Reflexology and in 2014 to Polarity.

These three approaches put me in contact with the Intelligence of each body I touch, of the life force that resides within and the Breath of Life that animates us.  While listening and allowing myself to be guided by the wisdom of the client’s body, I hear and feel that Breath of Life that expresses itself in each one of us and facilitate any restriction which reveals itself to loosen and dissolve. Liberating the life force at the core of these restrictions allows the vital energy to circulate more freely and with greater amplitude. The person feels more alive, more vibrant.

Non-Violent Communication

Meeting Marshall B. Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication in 2004 allowed me to discover, behave and act from a different paradigm to the one I grew up in. This art of living allows me to get in touch with what is alive in me and in others, to feel the life that wants to express itself.  This way of doing taught me, and continues to teach me, the language of the heart.  This new way of thinking, of expressing and of manifesting one’s power – where we are no longer trying to find out who is right and who is wrong but what we can do to make life more beautiful – is for me a real source of rejoicing and joy which I practice daily and which I transmit to those who come to see me.

Inner Relationship Focusing

In 2010, at 59, Inner Relationship Focusing brings finally the answer to my question:  How to Be.  I found the key that gave me the answer.  To Be is To be Present with. This Presence is what I had been seeking all these years.  Inner Relationship Focusing taught me to recognize and to stay in contact with what is there present in the body, and which carries every transformation if we know how to welcome it. This key is what I try to show and convey to all those I accompany.

All these stages of unfolding have helped me to see and to feel what it means to Be and how to unlock and bring forth the life energy within that being.  It is what I devote myself to through accompaniment, Focusing, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Reflexology and Polarity.

«Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.»  Rumi